Casa 10 - Architetti Betta Zoccatelli
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Casa 10

An olive grove in Irene’s livingroom

Irene wanted to spend as much time as possible outdoors, so she rented her big apartment in the historical family villa dating back to the end of 1800 and asked us to think something different for the small laundry building in the backyard .
We designed a new terrace that becomes a connecting bridge between the living area on the upper floor and the outdoor olive grove… the garden becomes a real extension of the actually tiny living room to be enjoyed everyday in all seasons.

_project design:   2010-2011

_project construction:   2011-2012

_client:     Irene, our friendly neightbour

_size:      65 m2 on two levels

_address:    Riva del Garda , Italy

_© photo copyright: Lara Zoccatelli