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co-desinging a new skate-area

In Trento the youngster asked urgently on public platform FUTURA-TRENTO  to have new skate facilities where to train safely.
To provide something for their needs, the city asked us to design a new skate park out of the two existing concrete slabs located in a park just out of the city center.
One slab was originally intended for inline hokey but was actually in disuse for years, so we decided to enlarge the skate and BMX training surface using both platforms.
The design was created in close cooperation with the local skaters and with the precious advice of Marco Morigi.
Our aim was to give, besides the mere sport facility, a new hangout, a home for Trento’s skating youth: fences were removed, grass downhill “sews” now together the two former slabs suggesting an unconventional resting area or an arena for the public on competition or small concert/events.

_inizio progettazione: 2016 _ realizzazione n corso
_dati tecnici: 2000 m2


_consulente: M. Morigi
_luogo: Trento_ via delle ghiaie