CARISOLO NURSERY - Architetti Betta Zoccatelli
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growing up under a wooden roof

Conversion of a multi-purpose public room into a temporary infant toddler center for 15 kids up to 3 years of age.
Trying to avoid cutting the space in small rooms as the educational program requested, we designed a wooden cocoon element dividing the mixed used spaces (entrance, changing area, pantry, bathroom, reception desk) from the ones meant just for children.
Colored MDF fixed furnitures (1,25 cm high) helps to divide the remaining space in three functional areas suggesting some permanent playing situation (slide, burrow, porthole,…)

All the elements can be easily removed when the service will move to the definitive location.

_luogo:   Carisolo (TN)

_© photo copyright: Lara Zoccatelli